Thursday, March 15, 2012

Leprechaun Craft

I am in love with how cute Luke's Leprechaun Craft turned out today. He was pretty smitten by him too and told me his name was "Shammy." Too cute, right?!

It is so simple to make. I cut the face out of a manila folder so we wouldn't have to color or paint it. You can always use white paper and just color it. You can see my pieces cut out for the face and hat pictured below. The orange construction paper will be used for the beard.

To start, glue the two hat pieces together and then glue it onto your Leprechaun Face. I had some shamrock glitter stickers on hand so Luke added those to the hat to make it special. Then tear off small pieces of orange construction paper and glue them around the face to make the Leprechaun beard.

Luke also tore a couple small pieces to use as eyebrows. When you are finished with the beard, glue on the eyebrows and two large wiggly eyes.

Lastly, use crayons to finish making the face details (nose, mouth). Luke added freckles which I think made him extra cute!  :)

Lila was mighty curious about the hairy fellow...

We paired this Leprechaun Craft with the book Shannon and the World's Tallest Leprechaun by Sean Callahan. Loved this story!!

Shannon, with her old scuffed shoes and home-made dress, worries she will not be a strong enough competitor in the Irish step-dance contest against the other girls with pretty costumes and shiny new shoes. When the heel of her shoe breaks, her will almost does, too, but she doesn't lose hope and counts backwards in Gaelic for a leprechaun to come. When she opens her eyes, a five-foot-eleven man with a beard stands before her: Liam, the World's Tallest Leprechaun. But when she makes her wishes, he doesn't simply grant them with a poof of magic dust, he grants wishes in the way that counts! Shannon finds herself working for her wishes to come true.

Hope you have a happy St. Patrick's Day!!

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