Saturday, August 25, 2012

My DubTurbo Review - Fly By Night Toy OR Innovative Beat Making Software?

Ever wanted to bust out beats like the pros, but never knew where to start?

Welcome to my DubTurbo review. Recently I was asked to review the latest and possibly greatest beat making software, that has stirred a lot of whispers among urban music lovers.

DubTurbo is the new solution to bootstrap mini studios!

The concept is likened to a fully equipped studio without the need for any hardware or the expensive software scripts such reason and logic. Of course DubTurbo is no comparison compared to a fully equipped studio. But then again it wasn't designed to be.

Learning the ins and outs of producing tracks in a fully equipped studio can take a long time. Then there's the expensive cost of equipping studio!

DubTurbo has incorporated a DAW (digital audio workstation) into an entire mini studio.

What does this mean?

Basically the consumer has everything they need to bust out some pretty cool sounding tracks.

The main components and interfaces of the software include:

The track sequencer - the track sequencer is the main platform and interface on which you will compile your beats and tracks.

The Drum Machine - No Beat making software would be complete without a drum machine! Use your keyboard like an MPC drum machine.

You can also assign triggers and produce beats from your keyboard instead of having to do repeated clicking on the mouse.

4-Octave Sampling Keyboard - You don't need an external MIDI controller - just use your computer's keyboard to make your own samples.

There's a massive library of samples that come with the software package to get you started.

Why Is DubTurbo Causing So Much Hype?

The DubTurbo beat making software has a couple of distinct advantages over its competitors. Firstly the samples and sounds/ tracks all come in.wav file format.

This a major added advantage as the .wav file format is around 8X larger than the.mp3 file format. Therefore the file is less compressed meaning the end user gets much better sound quality.

The ease of use and easy navigation within the software make DubTurbo a pleasure to create beats with. Even the newest of users can be up and running and compiling tracks in a matter of hours!

Fair enough they may not sound to professional at first, but practice makes perfect.
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