Sunday, October 7, 2012

Do You Have A Crafty Talent? It Could Make You Money!

I grew up sitting at our dining room table watching my mother sew. I always joked around that if my clothes didn't come from K-Mart, my mother made them. The truth of the matter is that I wish my mom still wanted to sew custom clothes for me! I didn't always like the warm sweaters or scarves she crocheted for me back then, but I still hold onto those very items. When I wasn't watching my mother sew, crochet or making her latest cute idea with a hot glue gun, I was at my grandmother's house witnessing the same thing. I consider myself very fortunate to have grown up in such a creative family. My grandfather has always been into woodworking, grandma likes quilts and scrapbooks, and if there is a way to create or make it, somebody in our family will figure it out!

I was never so great at any of the projects my mother had, and I have yet to learn how to sew. (Although I do intend to learn how to use the sewing machine my grandma sent me sooner than later!) Hey, maybe that can be my next blog, writing about learning to sew.

The other norm in my life was going all of the craft bazaars, 4-H shows, and/or conventions we attended or helped other family members set up. So if you have talents to create why not sell your things online and make money too? You could go a few different routes with it such as creating your own blog and talking about your projects there. If you are blessed to know something about web design, you could even create your own website displaying the inventory you want to sell. I have found you can get started for free or very little money.

I personally think a free blog to "get your feet wet" until you build the confidence to branch out is a good idea. Your only start up costs will be for the supplies you need to make your project. You could provide step by step instructions on a simple project. How about giving pointers on knitting, lighting for photography, or some other type of art that you are good at? There are many possibilities with no limit in sight. You're going to be surprised at how many people will be interested in reading what you have to say.

Then again, maybe you like the idea of seeing people face to face, if this is you, the good old bazaars are still out there. Contact your local convention center or other large place that hosts such activities. If the entry fees in a large event are too expensive, you can always consider smaller places. Look in your community for local neighborhood events. In the city where I live there is a street that is lined with vendors and artists of all kinds on the last Thursday of every month. We also have a local venue called Saturday Market where artists and vendors of all kinds set up booths on Saturday and Sunday. Your local farmers market might be a good option too. Depending on what you are selling, often you will find numerous items that aren't from a "farm". Check some out and you will see.

Pull out your yellow pages to find small boutiques that sell similar items. Negotiate a split with the owner, this will get your name and seen. Contact the activity director or management in local retirement communities. Sometimes they will sponsor a craft sale in their facility and renting a table or two is super cheap. Ask friends and family, on occasion employers will host small holiday craft bazaars. Reach out to parent/teacher committees at a school near you. Find out if they have considered a fundraiser for the school by renting tables. Talk to your church.

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