Sunday, July 1, 2012

What I Loved about This Week

Not the usual "Mommy" post today...I was able to spend 5 wonderful and much needed days away on vacation with my Husband this week for my Brother's wedding in Vegas, so the majority of my time was spent remembering how much I love being a Wife!

Here are some of the highlights of my week.

My Brother Jake and my new beautiful Sister-in-Law Jennifer.

They had a cocktail party wedding in a terrace suite overlooking Vegas in the
MGM Grand. The view was amazing!

They both wrote their own vows which at some points had everyone laughing but mostly we were crying because it was so beautiful!

Have I mentioned before that I have the best siblings in the World?

With my parents divorced and relationships with both my parents strained, they have been my rock! I am so lucky to have siblings that I know will be there for me through anything. I love them so much!

Me and my Sister Sarah

I had forgotten what it was like to get dressed up fancy and not have to worry about my dress getting spit or spilled on, or have to worry about poopy diapers. It was really just what the doctor ordered to make me feel refreshed.

Getting to spend the evening with this handsome guy was pretty special too...  :)

We had a fun famliy dinner at Hafbrahaus and also had fun at the Acquarium...

The last two days was just me and the hubby and we did all those fun dating activities that we used to love to do....Movies, bowling, miniature golf, eating at fancy restaurants, hanging out at the pool and late night trips to Cold Stone...

Clearly not my sport. Hahahaha!

I'll never understand why he loves to eat Oysters.

We spent a lot of time antique shopping in Vegas and St. George. It was sooooo much fun! I saw a couple fun ideas...

Turning old hardware into art

I wanted this refurbished dresser soooooo bad for craft supplies.
I love everything about it!

We've been switching out a lot of our decor with more antiques and I've been having fun finding things to put on this long shelf in my dining room. I'll have to take a better picture once I have the walls painted and everything all finished.

Vacation was so much fun, but I loved coming home to my little ones! In the last couple days Lila has maintained her naughty personality...

Luke has cuddled on me more than ever...

And Andy FINALLY lost his very first tooth...

Now I'm so tired I think I need a vacation from my vacation. Lol!

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