Sunday, August 7, 2011

A Day at Daddy's Work (Kennecott Copper Mine)

Earlier this week, while we still had family staying at our house, we decided to take a trip to the Kennecott Utah Copper Visitor's Center so Daddy could show us all about his work. We have taken the trip once a year since Daddy started working there and it's been fun to see how the mine has changed year after year. It is seriously one of the most amazing sights I have ever seen and since it's only $5 per car, it is definitely a cost worthy trip. Here are a couple pictures I took of the mine while we were there.

Can you see all the turquoise and red colors on the mountain. When the water bleeds out of the face of the rock, the minerals come out with the water and make the rock these beautiful colors. It is pretty amazing how much water flows from the sides of this mountain. It collects at the bottom of the mine and not only do they use this water to fill their water trucks to keep the roads dust-free in the mine, but they also pump it out and filter it properly and the excess is sent to a local city for drinking water.

So I might be on my little soap box right now but I get so annoyed by how many environmentalists hate Kennecott. (I can already see the hate comments coming, hahaha!) Kennecott has one of the largest number of employees in the State so that is a lot of families that are able to have homes, food and care, my family included! Plus, did you ever stop to think about how many household items you use every day that consume copper?? Every time you turn on a light switch in your home, it is because of copper wiring for electricity. A lot of parts in your car have copper, all your electronics, the computer you are using right now has copper in it.

My husband drives one of those huge haul trucks you see pictured below.

Don't let the picture fool you. I know it looks small, but look at our family standing in front of one of the tires for this haul truck.

And for an even bigger spectrum, I took a picture of Lila standing in front of it. Can you even see her?? haha!

The haul trucks can carry up to 350 tons when fully loaded and when they are that heavy they probably only go like 6 mph. It's fun bringing along the binoculars so the kids can see things up close. They love it!

One reason I like to take the kids up here every year is so they can feel appreciation for all the hard work their Daddy does. 12-hour, rotating day and night shifts is not easy....It's interesting to relate to the kids how many hours Daddy had to work for us to do certain things. It has given the kids a concept for how much things we do every day cost.

Here is Mark with his Mom Linda. While Linda was here, she watched all 4 of the kids so that Krista could go visit girlfriends and so that Mark and I could go out on a date together. We were also able to go on an evening motorcycle ride where I got to see the sunset over the Great Salt Lake. We are so lucky to have such a wonderful Mom/Grandma in our life! And I am so thankful to my Mark for keeping his family as his first priority.

Ok, now off to deal with the sicklings....We've got a virus in our house. Boo!!

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