Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Pumpkin Patch Art

To go along with our trip to the pumpkin patch we made some fun pumpkin patch art using a toilet paper roll to stamp on our pumpkins. I have been really excited about this art project, especially to see how unique every one's picture turned out, and the boys really enjoyed it because we used some new painting techniques we haven't used before.

Andy's Pumpkin Patch

Luke's Pumpkin Patch

My Pumpkin Patch (Yes, my page got bumped on the table while drying...Hate when that happens!)

To make this project we used our trusty tempera paint we received from our friends at Craft Project Ideas. I know I've mentioned this before, but my favorite thing about Kids Crafts Products is that I can pick them at Wal-Mart when I'm doing my grocery shopping and don't have to make a special trip to a craft store. You will definitely want to use tempera paint for this project instead of acrylic because it is more water based and thinner.

We also used an empty toilet paper roll, some gold tempera paint I had left over from our Grandparen'ts Day Awards and a Candy Making plastic bottle that you can pick up at Michael's.

To make your pumpkin patch, start by dipping a toilet paper roll end in orange paint and then onto your white piece of card stock paper. Add as many pumpkins as you'd like all over the page.

Then fill your candy making bottle with some orange paint and use it to make the lines in your pumpkins.

Then squeeze any leftover orange paint back into the original orange paint container and then thoroughly rinse out the candy making bottle. Next we added our gold paint to the candy making bottle to paint on our stems. You can use brown tempera paint, we just didn't have any and I thought the gold would be kind of cool.

After painting on the stems, let your picture dry completely. When the pumpkins are completely dry, add green paint to your candy making bottle and paint on the pumpkin vine. Make sure all the pumpkins are connected to the vine. Then you are done!

I thought this project was really great for a preschooler to learn how to have control over squeezing the paint out of the bottle. You can see how a couple times Luke gobbed a little too much, but over all, he really learned how to control that bottle. I was proud of the little bugger!  :)

I also wanted to mention that will be giving away a $25 Wal-mart Gift Card to one lucky person at the end of the month. All you have to do to enter is upload a picture of your children's Halloween Art to their Facebook Page or Show and Tell Forum by October 31st for a chance to win. The more crafts you upload, the more you chances you have to win!

Happy Crafting!!

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