Saturday, December 31, 2011

2011 Favorites

Man, this year flew by didn't it? It's been so fun for me to look back on the year and pick out my 5 favorite crafts we've completed.

#5 Sunflower Craft

I saw this beautiful sunflower on Meet the Dubians and we set out to make our own take of it. I love so much how the flower pops out of the page with the petals lifted off the page and the beads glued in the center. We used a fork to paint on the details of the grass.

#4 Parrot Craft
Every time I look at these colorful parrots I can't help but smile. I learned how to make these from Tippy Toe Crafts. I let my boys pick all the colors they wanted to use to make them unique and personalizing them with handprints makes them extra special.

#3 I Took the Moon for a Walk

If you could take the Moon for a walk, where would you go? I love when my children are free to use their imagination. I especially love seeing how my boys depicted their scenes of where they would take the Moon. This was such a fun book to read and I definitely recommend it.

#2 The Giant Jam Sandwich

If I had to pick a favorite story we read this year, it would be "The Giant Jam Sandwich". If you haven't read it, YOU MUST! A city overtaken by wasps must find a way to rid themselves of the pests and decide to make a huge jam sandwich to trap them. We made our own jam sandwiches and the boys chose what creatures they wanted to trap in them.

And then SNAP, the boys had fun trapping all their creatures in the sandwich. This is a craft that needs repeating yearly, it is that fun!

#1 Out of this World Craft

Oh how I LOVE these solar systems we created! They are my most favorite piece of art created all year long. They still hang proudly on my boys' magnet boards and both my boys have told me this was their favorite craft all year. I love the bright colors and the galaxy look created by spraying white paint on the black background. Such a fun craft to go along with a space-themed week.

It's been such a fun year! I hope you enjoy your New Year's Eve!

Happy Crafting!!

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