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Gather Round Dinner Game Review and Giveaway

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I recently received the Gather Round Dinner Game by Familytime Fun from The Organized Parent. We have always been the type of family who eats together at a dining table for dinner every night. It is so important to me to have quality family time every day so we never have the TV on when eating dinner either.

Having a 6yr old, a 4yr old and a 16 month old, you can imagine how little attention span my children have for sitting and eating their entire dinner all while attempting to have quality conversation with them. I'm not gonna lie, there are days when dinnertime seems like such a drag between the crying and complaining, and baby throwing her food off her high chair....Sigh!

Having said that, I was so excited to try out the Gather Round Dinner Game. Let me tell you, it did not disappoint! I love how it is a small, simple circle shape that we could easily pass around the dinner table. All you do is press the button, and complete the activity that lights up. The kids get plenty of entertainment by pressing the button and watching it decide which activity to light up, but the activities are fun too! Here are some examples:

-Everyone name as many purple foods as possible.
-Say the ABCs as fast as you can or say it backwards (I am the champion for saying them backwards in my house hahaha!).
-Name 3 super powers you'd like to have; let your family give you a superhero's name.
-Everyone eat some veggies or food (My kids actually played along...).
-Name what you like most about each person at the table.

It comes with 11 different discs so there are 132 activities in all, so you are sure to never grow old of all the activities. My kids have asked to play this game every night since we received it. It has been a huge hit in our house and has brought some much needed laughter and smiles into our family time. We even let my 16 month old have a turn pressing the button and she LOVES it! My favorite part is there are no game boards or game pieces required--just food and your family.

The Organized Parent has a whole line of family time games: The Original Dinner Games, Gather Round Restaurant Game and Racers Ready.

They all look like so much fun!

The Organized Parent has provided me with The Original Dinner Games to give away to one lucky I Heart Crafty Things Reader.

This is an award-winning collection of 51 dinner games for your family to play while they eat! If your family is anything like mine, it's time to break out of the old routine and start having more fun and laughter at dinnertime.

HERE IS HOW TO WIN: Please make sure your email is on your profile, or include it with your comment. Only U.S. residents are eligible for this giveaway (Big apologies to all my International readers!)

Mandatory Entry: Leave a comment telling me which game you think your family would enjoy most.

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  4. And for kicks and giggles, leave a comment telling me what your favorite dinner is for one extra entry. (I need some new ideas!)
Good Luck!

Coupon Code:
If you want to purchase one of these fantastic family games for yourself or your loved ones, The Organized Parent is offering a 15% discount through December 15th. Click on the banner in my sidebar to be directed to their site and use coupon code 21512 at checkout.

Giveaway will close Thursday, December 15, 2011 at 10:00 am MST!

***The Organized Parent provided me with a Gather Round Dinner Game free of charge in exchange for reviewing their product, but all opinions are my own.

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