Saturday, May 14, 2011

Creating a Masterpiece out of a Nuisance

This time of the year is beautiful isn't it??? Other than these nuisance weeds that pop up quite literally all over the entire lawn...

The kids sure seem to love them though...


In fact I remember being a kid and having fun blowing the little seeds off the top and making a wish....(Little did I know I was creating about a million more of the little weeds while I did it. haha)

This afternoon we had a little thunderstorm so we decided to make our very own Dandelion's...the kind that won't spread all over the entire lawn!  :)

Materials you will need:
- Green card stock paper
- Blue card stock paper
- glue
- scissors
- black marker
- cotton balls

1. On your green card stock paper, draw several leaves and 3 stems for your flowers. As you can see from the picture below, they don't have to be perfect. (We made 2 so I have quite a bit on my paper)

2. Have your child cut out the leaves and stems.

3. While your child is cutting out the pieces, cut a small section off the bottom of another green sheet of card stock to make the grass. I would say about 2 1/2" tall or so.

4. Use your scissors to make the grass by cutting half way down the green strip of paper all the way across the entire length of the paper (See picture below).

5. Glue the 3 stems onto the blue sheet of card stock paper.

6. Glue the leaves onto the 3 stems. There is no science to this either, my kids literally just put them all over wherever they wanted.

7. Put glue on the bottom half of the grass section and glue it to the bottom of the blue sheet of card stock above the stems and leaves.

I had my kids lift some of the little grass pieces away from the paper so it made a cool 3-D effect.

8. Break up a few cotton balls into small sections and then glue them on top of the flower stems to make the Dandelion.

9. For some added pizazz, glue a couple small pieces of cotton away from one of the flowers as if it is blowing away in the wind (clever....I know, hahaha).

And that's it!! Cute little Spring craft that is now hanging on my refrigerator. They look so much prettier on my fridge than all over my lawn, that's for sure!!

Happy Crafting!!

**I got this craft idea from "The Mailbox" weekly email I am subscribed to.

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