Saturday, May 21, 2011


No craft today, just some good ol' Motherhood confessions...

MOST of the time my kids always want me....But occasionally I look over and this is what I see....

And sometimes even when they don't want Daddy, I force them on Daddy because I feel A LOT like this...

Yes, this is me pulling my hair out!!
Which was the case the other day when Daddy took one look at me and pretty much commanded me that I HAD TO GO TAKE A BREAK for a half a day BY MYSELF!!

You see, as hard as this is to admit, I ACTUALLY have to practice RELAXING. Yup, this is me admitting that I can be totally up-tight, or rather, it is a continual progression downward and I know I've reached my maximum stress capacity when these little creases/wrinkles on my forehead start to be more of a 24/7 thing instead of a "just when I'm out in the sun" or "GO CLEAN YOUR ROOM yelling at the kids" kind of thing.

So after a relaxing haircut, an enjoyable lunch all by myself (who knew eating out by yourself could be so enjoyable!), getting lost about a million times while walking around Ikea, and some much needed deep breathing, now I am thankfully refreshed....At least for one day.

Look, no more wrinkle!!! Totally cheaper and more fun than Botox, right??

And even better, I am so psyched for this week's craft projects I have planned. Some pretty nifty FATHER'S DAY stuff coming....!!


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