Sunday, May 29, 2011

Motherhood Confessions

Everyone take a deep breathe to brace yourself for this....I am not a fan in the slightest of the newborn stage....GASP!..Ok, you totally know you were thinking things like "OMG, how could you not LOVE that fresh smell of your newborn baby, it is the BEST!" or "They are only newborns once and time flies by way too fast!"

But for me, I don't know, maybe it's the fact that I am a walking zombie for the seemingly never-ending time period of the newborn stage. Or maybe it's the fact that you don't even know when it's day or night, you just know there is a baby crying every 45 minutes to an hour wanting to suck the life out of you (all that is left of you that is)...Oh yes, those sore nipples are delightful aren't they??...And the 15 poopy splatter diapers a day really make life so pleasant don't they??

Truth be told, I love the first initial days of experiencing my new baby but after that the only thing I truly LOVE about the newborn stage is that I know that once it's over, I will really be able to start enjoying being a Mommy! It's after the first 8 months are over that everything changes for me and I find exuberant amounts of joy in every day with my baby.

Like how now when you are changing the poopy diaper all you have to do is act extremely dramatic about how stinky the situation is and your baby is giggling from ear to ear at how silly you are acting. Like how a quick game of peek-a-boo makes any sad moment suddenly the happiest moment ever!

Like how when everyone in the room starts to laugh, your baby begins to imitate it and it's simply the best, most cutest thing you've ever heard in your life. It's a time when grins start showing cute teeth popping up, when sounds like "Mama" and "Dadda" start becoming more distinct, when they discover they can blow a bubble out of their mouth with their own saliva and they walk around the house doing it over and over again in amazement at themselves. 

It's a time when they fit just perfectly on your left hip and you somehow develop super human powers by being able to do everything one-handed like vacuuming, laundry, loading the dishwasher, and even pulling up your pants if need be in a public restroom because you don't dare set your baby on the germ infested floor while you are going potty (hahaha).

It's a time when babies make their first crawl, first stand and first walk. It's that time when they discover their  ears for the first time and even realize they are able to get that cute bracelet off of their hand all by themselves that Mommy loves.

It's a time when you realize how cool your older brothers' toys are and when they yell "AHHHH, THE LILA MONSTER IS COMING!" you move even more quickly towards them with a big smile your your face, hoping to be able to destroy a little something.

It's a time when the impossible of climbing those stairs and opening those cupboards becomes a thing of the past and every new thing is exciting. Especially when you discover that making noises into an empty toilet paper roll makes your voice sound really cool. Oh it's the greatest!

Nope, I'm not sad at all that I have a baby sleeping through the night 75% of the time. I'm not sad at all that this little "LILA MONSTER" is no longer a newborn....It is THIS stage that I want to slow down...THIS stage where I wish the clock would just stop ticking for at least a couple extra months to soak in her absolute adorableness (I just made that word up). It is this stage where I could just sit and snuggle with her all day long and never, ever get sick of it.

You are only 9 1/2 months my sweet Lila Bear and you've already discovered so much about the World. You certainly are a handful little one....But it's ok because you're worth it!

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