Saturday, July 23, 2011

A Week Worth Remembering...

Sadly, since Andy is on year round school, this was our last week of Summer vacation. I know....Boo!! We definitely made sure to make it the BEST week we've had this Summer so far!

We had a play date at the Herriman Beach where I pretty much caught the most adorable picture of Lila in the whole wide world...

Lila made a new friend who is Mr. Handsome. She already has good taste in men...She takes after her Momma for sure. hahaha!

We also paid a visit to the Aquarium where we saw some pretty awesome color-changing jellies!

And my favorite, the sea horses...They are AH-MAZING!  :)

And we petted some super slimy but VERY COOL Sting Ray's.

And of course we went to our favorite picnic place, Wheeler Farm. Where we enjoyed eating Peanut Butter and Jelly Sandwiches in the shade. Well, all of us enjoyed the sandwiches except for my 11-month old runner...

Thank heavens for big brother Andy who was in charge of grabbing her before she could escape. She was not a happy camper!

We saw a pretty intense geese fight...This picture was taken after the fight and this goose in the middle was all screaming at everyone to leave him the heck alone!

Oh, and I admired these beautiful faces....

We made sure to get at least one completely inappropriate shot of a calf sniffing Andy's crotch. LOL! I couldn't resist putting it in here.

In fact, we played so long and hard that little Lila zonked out in her stroller.

Have you ever asked for your children to sit and smile so you can get a memorable happy photograph, and this is what you get....

They pretty much look like they just had the worst time of their life right?? Well, I am about to tell you a little secret. Whenever my children give me a shot like that, I tell them to look at each other and laugh and suddenly the most amazing thing happens....

Life returns to their faces...

And even though they might give you the most cheesiest of cheese smile in the Universe like Luke did, it is still one dang cute photograph!

We also took 3 trips to the park this week and I let Andy take Lila down the slide.

And I convinced Luke to try to stick his head through this hole so I could take a picture of him. hee hee hee

There is that smile I love!

We officially decided that Lila is much more of a Daddy's girl than a Mommy's girl.

And Luke gave me the biggest laugh of the entire week when I asked him why he had to put on Daddy's shoes to open the freezer. His reply was, "Because I wanted to get a Popsicle and I didn't want to get my feet cold." Hahahaha  I most certainly have the best children on the Planet!

The End.

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