Saturday, July 2, 2011

Highlights of My Week in Photos

My boys were super cute sharing a dentist chair while getting their teeth cleaned. (Ok, this really happened a couple weeks ago, I just forgot about it until I downloaded my pictures, haha) They think it's super cool being able to watch a movie laying down.

Unfortunately, we some have cavities....CRIMINY!! I have been letting Luke brush his own teeth because I THOUGHT he knew what he was doing. Lesson learned!

We had a fun family walk to the park....

Where Luke practiced being a ball hog....(I never knew he could kick around a soccer ball so well! Can't wait to get him on a team next year.)

Lila discovered she wants to be a big girl and follow everything that her big brother's do.

She was so cute following Luke around trying to get the ball.

Andy and Luke discovered they could hoax Lila into doing things they didn't want to do, like climb under this tree to fetch the ball. (So rude I know!)

She was such a little champion getting that soccer ball out!

And then just like that...Big Brother's stole it away and forgot she even exists! (So sad, huh?)

But Mommy and Daddy came to the rescue and she did get to take a turn...

Why is it that every time you ask your children to sit down and smile pretty so you can get a cool picture in front of the pretty mountain view, you get something that looks like this?

Apparently Luke thinks Andy has cooties and refuses to sit next to him. Can't we all just get along??

Lila had her first experience running through the sprinklers....

We bought this house as a foreclosure and the yard is not exactly glamorous so don't judge. We've been trying to pull out small sections of these weeds that have infested our grass (that's why it's not mowed), but it hasn't really been successful. We finally have our front yard looking good but the back yard is a totally different story!

Judging by the expression on her face, I think she liked it. Lila also learned how to clap this week. Every time she hears someone say "Yeah!" she walks around in circles clapping. It's pretty darn cute if I say so myself!

Andy and Luke continued to drive me crazy by finding this mud hole to sink their feet in and make a mess. Deep breath....Boys will be boys!

I've been working on the silent "e" concept with Andy this week in his reading and he has done really well grasping the concept.

Luke continues to learn how to write his letters and all their sounds. I have been behind on this with him since this past year has been consumed so much with being sleep deprived with Lila, but he is really catching on quickly and doing great!

I spent a lot of my time this week trying to get the house all clean and in order and laundry done so we could take off for the weekend stress free to enjoy a Family Reunion. So yes, I pretty much wrote this post early and scheduled for it to post today because right now I am totally up in the serene mountains enjoying some much-needed fresh air and laughter with the people that I love!

2 years ago on our Summer Trip....My boys are all grown up now!
Happy Fourth to All!!!

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