Thursday, June 30, 2011

Star Burst Craft using Fork Painting

Have you seen this video of the size comparison of our Planets and the Stars?? It is amazing! If you ever want a good perspective on just how small we are on this little Planet Earth, this movie is definitely worth watching.

I have watched it with my kids several times and they are truly mesmerized by how huge all these stars are in comparison to our own Sun. Since our Sun has been shining so bright lately, I thought it would be fun to do a craft I am calling Star Bursts. We used a plastic fork to create the sun rays, super fun!!

Materials you will need:
-white sheet of card stock paper
-3 different sized circle lids (I used small, medium, large)
-orange and yellow crayon
-yellow paint
-plastic fork

1. Trace circles onto your white paper making sure to use several different shapes to represent the different sizes of stars.

2. Color each circle yellow and orange.

3. Pause for a moment to pick up the disastrous mess your baby girl made when you weren't paying attention to her. hahaha

4. Use the yellow paint and a plastic fork to paint the sun rays around each star and let it dry.

Looks pretty awesome, right??!!

Here is the completed project completely dry.

Andy wanted to add some glitter to his so we tried adding dabs of gold glitter glue and smearing them around the outsides of the stars. I actually prefer how it looks without the glitter but thought I'd throw out some additional ideas.

My kids loved the fork painting and I'm already thinking of different ideas to use this technique. I also loved the mixture of crayons with paint. If you try this fork painting idea I'd love to see what you create.

Happy Crafting!!

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