Thursday, June 2, 2011


So I have to tell you something tragic that happened to me today.....I RAN OVER A DOG!! I'm not kidding you! It was in bright day light on a really busy street....It just darted out in front of me with no notice and there was not enough time to stop all the way. I tried to swerve to the left but I didn't want to hit the car next to me so I just had no choice but to plow right through it....I'M MORTIFIED!!! I tried to call my sister for some immediate comfort but since she wasn't available my poor kids had to hear me have a minor freak out in the front seat about how terrible I was feeling. (LOL poor kids, poor sister who had to hear my freak out all over again when she called me back haha)

Plus that road doesn't have a lane to pull over on because it's so busy....So I just kept on driving....I KNOW, I'M TERRIBLE!!! I feel SOOOOO BAD! The closest place I could turn around was not very close so by the time I would have turned around it just would have been too late to do anything. Plus, I knew my boys would be jumping out of their seats and on such a busy street I couldn't take a chance of them being in danger, or of them being mortified by seeing a dying dog on the road. I looked in my rear view mirror and it was still moving and kind of more off to the side of the road.....I am going to have nightmares I just know it!!! Has this ever happened to you??? Please make me feel better....

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