Saturday, June 4, 2011

Saturday Simple Joys

What they taught me this week....


Luke came downstairs one day thrusting his hand up into the air declaring that he was the MOST powerful one of all. This child of mine is very imaginative and it is quite the experience watching him play. I quickly realized he had put super hero stickers on the tips of all his fingers and it was from these super hero's that he was drawing all of his powers from. So very clever this beautiful boy of mine!

Sometimes in life we get discouraged. Sometimes we don't feel good enough, sometimes we get overwhelmed and compare ourselves to others, sometimes that discouragement inside us prevents us from reaching our goals and dreams. But it's important to remember that these little fingertips of ours are so very powerful! Don't fall short on your accomplishments because you feel you aren't capable. You can do anything you set your mind (and fingertips) to.

And even though we can't all be as powerful as Luke, since he is after all the MOST powerful of all, you, yourself are filled with powers that are individual to you, which no one else in the World can match. There is only one YOU!

My Luke describing all of his powers to me which included Super Lizard Power, Iron Man Power and Green Goblin Power (and I really can't remember what else he said....) 

2. If you are ever in a bind, don't hesitate to ask for a helping hand; and if you ever see someone in a bind, always lend a helping hand.

Sometimes we find ourselves in a very daunting task, one that seems impossible to accomplish...

It's ok to ask for help! We don't need to be Super Woman ALL the time (just some of the time, haha LOL!). Believe me, once you get the help you need, you will be able to relax, you will breathe a little better, and you will feel better.

These pictures are a sneak peek of  a Father's Day craft I'm putting together. You'll have to stay tuned...

I'm so thankful for the little helping hands in my life...

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