Sunday, June 12, 2011

A Conversation to Myself While Washing Dishes....

Prior to filling up the sink....

As Luke tries to bring his dirty plate over to me he drops his left over veggies and bbq meatballs on the floor under the table....Grrr!

"You'll have to pick that up Luke and throw them in the trash before Lila gets over there!" I say.

2 minutes later as I'm pouring the soap into the sink filling with water....Luke- "Oops Mommy! I accidentally peed my pants while I was walking up the stairs."

.....Deep Breathe...."Are you kidding me?"....Another DEEP BREATHE...."Why did you hold it so long that you wouldn't make it?"....HUGE DEEP BREATHE...."Mark!!" (I yell)..."I need you to go take care of Luke's pee-pee problem because I'm washing the dishes!!!".....Sigh, thank you husband!

And the dish washing begins....

"Man, I need a vacation!....Preferably one that doesn't involve 4 year old's holding their pee to the point of wetting themselves....Preferably one that doesn't involve a cup of milk spilt all over Daddy's Nook 2 minutes prior to saying the dinner prayer (yes, this also happened today!)....Preferably one that doesn't involve baby girl crawling up the stairs every 30 seconds and not knowing how to get herself down, and thus preventing me from sitting in one place for more than 30 seconds at a time (yes there is that gate, but given the fact that the boys go up and down, up and down, up and down all day long....)

Pause..."Lila....Get out of that drawer!!"

"Man, I sure do need a vacation!! One that doesn't involve getting up at 4:30 a.m. to tend to a crying baby...One that doesn't involve my 6 year telling me what to do (because after all, he is in 1st grade now, and 1st graders know everything!)...One that doesn't involve me standing here washing the dishes when everyone else is upstairs laying on my bed, relaxing and laughing while playing Angry Birds...Dang Angry Birds Game!!....That game makes me so mad!! (of course, only because I'm not the one playing it)....One that doesn't involve me doing the side-swoop in Lila's mouth because she's choking on one of those green beans that Luke DIDN'T pick up off the floor....

"LILA...NO NO NO! Do not get in that drawer!"

"Oh yes, I need a vacation sooooo bad! When was the last time I even took a vacation? Um, hello...That was like almost 5 years ago before Luke was born when you and Mark went to Niagara Falls....Oh, that was heavenly...Besides the fact that my belly was bursting from Luke being inside of me, and besides the fact that I had to get up and pee like every 30 minutes during the flight all the way to New York...But technically, it still counts as a vacation."

....Laughter erupts upstairs...."Stupid Angry Birds Game!...Of course they are all up there having the time of their life while I'm down here getting my already terrible hand eczema hands even more terrible!"....


"I can see it now...A nice hotel room with no crying kids waking me up in the middle of the night, or too early in the morning...There will be lots of sleeping in on my vacation, TONS of sleeping in! No washing of dishes, in fact, I am totally just going to indulge in people serving me so that I don't have to do any work...And I'm going to sit in peace and quiet all by myself and just soak in all the relaxation...."


"Man, it sure is quiet down here while I'm washing the dishes....I wonder where the kids are....I wonder why they are so quiet....I wonder what they are doing...I wonder how long they are going to stay up there before they start calling my name needing me or wanting something??? Wait a minute??? I have been standing here for 20 minutes in peace and quiet and I'm already missing my kids???....I guess it would be kinda lonesome on a vacation all by myself....Luke wouldn't be there to make me laugh with all his hilarious comments and silly expressions..."

"Andy wouldn't be there to be the protector....He is after all the Best Big Brother in the Universe..."

"And Lila wouldn't be there to cheer me up when I'm feeling down..."

"Oh she's so cute that Lila...."

"And Mark....How I need Mark to keep my sanity...He really is the glue that holds us together...."

"A romantic get-away without the kids, yes....that would be heavenly....But not for too long because as much as they drive me crazy, I really do love all this chaos...I really do love being a Mommy!...

Andy's drawing of our Family

Even if it makes me have crazy hair...I have the BEST family EVER!!"

And the dishes are done and the floor is swept...

....Sounds of children running down the stairs..."MOMMY!!!"

DEEP BREATHE....Here we go again...

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