Friday, May 18, 2012

Eric Carle Inspired Lady Bug

After seeing THIS darling Eric Carle Inspired Lady Bug on Pinterest, I couldn't resist but try to duplicate it. I don't know how to properly give credit other than to tell you it was pinned from Artsonia Art Museum and the Kindergarten artist who made it is named Weston.

We literally tried to re-make this masterpiece exactly as I saw it pictured because it was so amazing! I watched one of Luke's friends for a couple hours today so both her and Luke made one. They turned out frame-worthy for sure!!

I intended to take pictures of the process of making them but when I got my camera out my battery was dead. Drats! I'm sure you can figure out the process by looking at the picture as I did, but here are some of the materials we used.

For the blue background we used liquid watercolors. While the kids were painting it, while it was very wet, I sprinkled salt on it to get the fun texture shown. We have tried this technique with regular watercolors that you add water to, but it didn't work. Liquid watercolors is the way to go! After the watercolors were completely dried, we rubbed off the salt and were left with the fun texture.

For the grass we used a fork to paint the bottom of a sheet of cardstock paper and then cut it out after it was dried to glue to our background.

For the wings we glued orange and red tissue paper all over a circle and then used a paint brush to cover it completely with school glue to seal it in good and to give it a little bit of a shiny look. After it was dry we cut it in half.

We decided to use a circular sponge brush to paint on the black spots, and the antennae are two pieces of chenille stem bent and glued under the head.

The perfect story to go along with this craft is obviously The Grouchy Ladybug by Eric Carle. It is a favorite at our house!

Happy Crafting!!

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