Tuesday, September 27, 2011

"Owl Babies" Craft

We read the fun book "Owl Babies" by Martin Waddell several times last week and I thought it would be fun to do a craft with the kids about it. I found the idea for this craft from Blue Moon Palette.

This story is about 3 owl babies, Sarah, Percy and Bill, who worry about their mother while she is gone on her night flight. It's a really simple story. My kids got a kick out of Bill because he says "I miss my Mommy" throughout the entire story and I said it in a pouty voice every time which made them chuckle.

One of my favorite ways to craft after reading a book is by simply re-creating a scene in the story. Here is what we came up with. This is my picture, because you know, I can't resist being childlike with my children!  :)

Normally I post pictures with my tutorials but I was so absorbed in doing the craft with my boys that I literally forgot to get out the camera. I know, RARE for me, but I have to admit it was great just creating and not worrying so much about getting a photo of every step. So here's the low down on our craft:

1. We started out with a black sheet of card stock paper. I wanted the background to look like there were stars so I poured some gold glitter glue in a paper bowl and diluted it down so the glitter wasn't so concentrated. Then we used a circle foam brush to dab all over the page to create stars.

2. While the glitter glue dried, we tore off a piece of brown paper to use as our branch for the owls to sit on. I happened to have a piece of brown packaging paper so we used that, but any piece of brown paper would do. If I wouldn't have had the packaging paper I honestly would have used a brown paper bag. We kind of crinkled up the paper a little to make it look more real.

3. After gluing the branch on the bottom of our paper, we each used a black marker to create lines and knots in our wood. I thought the boys did such a good job with this, I was really impressed!

4. To paint our owls we used a pom-pom attached to a clothespin for a brush. We dabbed the brush into white paint and onto our paper. We tried to make them small, medium and large, just like in the story. Luke got a little carried away with his largest owl, but I can't blame him really because it was so fun painting with the pom-pom.  :)

5. Before we started the project I had pre-cut circles for the eyes and triangles for the nose to glue on. The brown circles were 1" diameter, black circles were 1/2" diameter, and the white circle is just a hole punch. I could have easily just had the kids cut out their own circles with the paper but since there were so many different steps involved I didn't want them to get too burned out and bored with the craft so I did it in advance.

6. After the white paint was dry we glued on the eyes and nose.

7. We finished by using a yellow crayon to draw a moon in our picture.

Happy Crafting!!

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