Sunday, September 25, 2011

Lila the Menace

I will be the first to tell you how adorable my little girl is. Just look at this cute smile....

She already loves to draw on this little Doodle Pro so I'm hoping that means she likes to learn and create things as much as her brother's do.

But on closer inspection, you will quickly see that she is actually quite the menace. Like the fact that she removes all of the shoes from the basket one billion times a day and tries every single one of them on.

Or the fact that these little things...

Well they are supposed to be on the end of these door stops, but as you can probably guess, Lila has discovered how to remove them and will literally go into every room in the house, shut the door behind her and remove these little rubber things and place them directly in her mouth.

Unfortunately, they have all been removed now so if anyone slams the door there will be a mark left on the molding from the door stop. Sigh.....But even more of a disaster is the fact that at 13 months she has mastered climbing onto the couch with ease and going up and down the stairs.

You'd think I would be happy about this since it would decrease the necessity of using a baby gate, but nope...For one, this little girl thinks she's Super Woman. She loves to take death defying leaps not only off of her little rocking chair, but also off of the back of the couch.

And as if that isn't enough to deal with, one day she found a tiny piece of drywall hanging off the wall going down the stairs and this is what happened after 5 minutes of me not having my eye on her.

Oh, the horror! It was not a good day to say the least, and this is when her nickname became the Menace. It doesn't matter what steps you take to keep her out, she will find a way. Even with the baby locks on the kitchen drawers, she still manages to put her tiny little arm inside and pull out a hundred sandwich baggies on a daily basis. And I'm certain she throws her food off of her highchair on purpose in the hopes that she will have reserves for a snack later in the day. I'm telling you people, I sweep the kitchen and dining room floor 5 times a day, and it still is a disaster. A DISASTER!

In her credit, there is one thing that she does that has become quite the lifesaver to this family. You know that little crack between the back of the couch and the wall (the one that is there because of the air return vent behind the couch), well, she can squeeze right through it.

And now we can rely on Lila to retrieve the sneaky Wii remote that always falls behind the couch with ease...

Yay Lila!! Good Girl! This is a VERY Big Deal in our house...Why???

Well, because we LOVE watching "Real Monsters" on Netflix of course, and this cannot be done without the Wii remote. Bwhahahahaha!

And in case your wondering, I really do clothe my child...She just always happened to be in a diaper every time I took a picture. hahaha! And in most cases that is right after eating in her high chair because she refuses to wear a bib so I just remove her clothes before feeding her. Not that I need to explain myself or anything. Ha!

These really are the Best days of my life!  :)

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